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Featuring Raleigh's Most referred and requested Wedding Entertainment Services

Hello and Welcome to our Online Home!  Raleigh Wedding Dj's was created  to help find a GREAT mobile entertainment service. 

- When average simply won't do, and it has to be perfect the first time.y

- When there can be no "Do Overs, and there are no second chances,

- When you need a company that looks forward to creating solutions for your needs.......then you need us. 

We are different.   

By representing several independent companies, we realize that not one service will be a good fit for all brides.  Rather than compete head to head against each other, we have taken a collaborative approach to marketing our services.

We think it is very important to make sure you have an entertainer who fits your needs than trying to book you whether or not we "feel" right.  We all share the same vision and mission: 

To provide you with an Unforgettable, Memorable and Worry free  wedding day offering these great services!

  • Personal and detailed planning consultations

  • Coordination with your other event professionals

  • Emcee and time management to run it smoothly

  • Ceremony as well as reception music, planning, and "Day of" wedding director services

  • Extensive music libraries

  • Referral services for other event professionals

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